5 of the Best Things About Student Life in Melbourne Australia

The University of Melbourne is known as Australia’s most prestigious university. It is regularly placed in the top rankings for Australia in the world’s rankings tables. Therefore, a range of international students choose it to study in Australia. It is based in inner city Melbourne. As your expectation, the University sets high ATAR scores for entry into courses and charges high tuition fees for international students.

Although course satisfaction ratings are less than world class which possibly reflects the university’s commitment to research and postgraduate, study student life in University of Melbourne is awesome. And if you are a student at University of Melbourne, it becomes even better due to many added perks for both domestic and international students.

1. A dynamic environment

Melbourne Uni is ranked the most livable and worth studying over the world. Why? Simply, it benefits from Melbourne City – Australia’s cultural capital with a dynamic environment. This city is also largely recognized as the world’s sporting capital. Therefore, study in Australia at Melbourne Uni, students have opportunities to play a range of sports, including car and motor racing, cricket, footy, sailing, tennis, and so on. Especially, students who love sport can join in the city’s sport competitions recently hosted by Melbourne such as Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey and the Melbourne Cup.

Under students review about Melbourne Uni, it is also named the world’s second best student university and here are 4 things that students like the most about this wonderful university. Their answers reflect a range of experiences student life to study abroad Australia at Melbourne Uni.

2. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere

Founded in 1853, Melbourne Uni is Australia’s second oldest university and the oldest in Victoria. Its primary campus is based in Parkville, an inner suburb north of the Melbourne central business district.

The campus has many of its newly acquired buildings located in the nearby suburb of Carlton. Especially, students will benefit from really large and modern campuses in a near future because the university is undertaking an ‘ambitious infrastructure program’ to reshape campuses.

As a result, many students say that they are inspired by Melbourne Uni’s diversity in terms of its student number, and the harmony people belong to different cultural and religious values and they have their politeness towards others’ values. This makes Melbourne Uni the most livable and worth studying university.

Besides to all the attractions and glamour, students always need space and time to study and the campus culture as well as other learning opportunities are really suitable for students in Melbourne Uni. Personal space and a friendly atmosphere at University of Melbourne makes a good environment to study.

3. An University with multicultural exchange

Melbourne plays host to students’ scores over the world, therefore, it provides opportunities for students to connect and learn more about different cultures. That’s the reason why many students consider this the best feature of student life when they study in Australia at Melbourne Uni.

It is a multicultural university and gives students an opportunity to meet people from around the globe, help them share their various cultures, languages, lifestyles, food and more. In addition, studying abroad at Melbourne Uni is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to challenge themselves, meet new friends and explore new things. Students especially appreciate the way cultural diversity is applied to food, events and parties.

4. Great comedy and live music Town Hall

Melbourne City is also very well-known for its comedy and live music scenes. Thus, students can enjoy these art types when they student in Australia. These elements are emphasized by a lot of students who are big fans of music and comedy.

At the moment you step onto the grounds of Melbourne Uni, you will feel at home.

5. Student discounts for events & exhibitions

It is impossible to deny that the living cost for students who study abroad Australia, especially in Melbourne is high and they can’t have enough finance for all the luxuries and high-end activities if they are on a tight budget. However, there’s a silver lining here because you are in Melbourne, specifically Melbourne Uni.

A lot of students admit that student concessions and discounts for events and exhibitions make it possible for them to accommodate these interests in their budgets. Students can visit museums or some events with a good price so that they don’t worry about their tight budget and they could afford the full price all the time.

In addition to an awesome student life, the University of Melbourne is the perfect setting for your abroad experience. With a rich academic and social community set on a wonderful and modern campus, it’s a good ground for international students to explore the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne and Australia’s unique wonders. You won’t regret when you choose to study in Australia at Melbourne Uni.

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